Saturday, January 8, 2011

What happened to 2010

Well the year passed me by and I don't know what happened to it.  I suppose that means I was busy, I guess.  Not going to make any 2011 New Years resolutions about paying more attention to my blog - if it happens it happens.

We did go up to Cape York again in August.  I'll have to drag out some highlight pictures.  While I did enjoy it, it was certainly busier that 6 years ago and some of the people going up there certainly don't have the tread lightly or responsible camping ethic.  Like to leave there waste around - rubbish and human - total pigs.  We had pretty good weather right until the end of the trip when it began to rain and it feels to me like it hasn't stopped since.

I've done almost no gardening this year it's been too wet to really get into the vege patch.  It's pretty much a nasterium patch and even they are struggling in the boggy conditions. Who would have thought that living on a mountain ridge your yard would end up so swappy.

I haven't done as much crafting and swapping either, especially in the later part of the year as I have been very busy with work. Work has moved and I'm back on public transport so spend 3-4 hours a day travelling to and from. I've risen to the ATCs4U monthly art calender challenge (links on the sidebar) lets hope it doesn't fall as flat as the weekly ATC challenge from 2010.  I did do many more that I loaded up on this blog but certainly didn't even come close to meeting the weekly challenge.  I'd like to still make all the ATCs from last year just to fill the holes is my set.  I'll collage them into a couple of image for the blog when I get a chance.  Anyway here's my January 2011 art calendar page - prior to any journalling.

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