Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a shocker I am

OMG how long has it been it's almost Christmas and over a year since we went through central Australia. Why does time just seems to pass me by - Getting older maybe?? I've been busy with work, gardening and repainting the house. I totally renovated the vegie patch and we finally finished the fence (only took about 5 years). So no more dogs trampling and digging, and no more bunnies munching. I used fine aviary mesh which goes down to a concrete footing so here’s hoping it will keep out snakes too (doubt it though).

We’ve been stripping back and refinishing the decks and red cedar windows. We were hammering along and looked like finishing them in only a couple of weekends and then two things happened – our cracked concrete water tank finally emptied and we both came down with a virus. We had to take advantage of the empty tank to repair the leaks – not only we’re we losing a lot of water but the yard around the tank was like a bog – though Fly (our doggie girl) loved to lay in a nice muddy spot to cool down after giving the cattle a talking too (funny story about that too but I’ll leave it for later). So there was scrubbing and grouting and painting to seal up the tank again. But then DH got sick and so did I not long after. It’s been over 2 weeks for me and 3 for him and just when we were starting to feel better then comes the dust – ahh! I think another course of antibiotics might be needed to totally get over it.

I have had a bit of time for crafting though. The young and very talented Ruby Bisson organised a circle journal swap for ATCs at Allcraftz. There are some fantastic artists at Allcraftz and I’ll think you’ll agree looking at the cards.
My theme was places and postage stamps