Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floods - worse than '74!!

This is a you-tube video by Tony Gardiner of the main street of our nearest little town - Dayboro in flood this morning. The rain has been relentless over the last few weeks and has cut roads over the last few days and trapped us up on the mountain.

But we have been lucky, a flash flood in Toowoomba and parts of the Lockyer Valley yesterday washed away cars, houses, whole towns and lives. My Aunty lives in one of the worst affected areas Murphy's Creek but luckily she was not at home when the wall of water hit the valley.  Otherwise she may have been amoung the 10 dead and 79 missing.

It is hard to believe that Ipswich is expecting a flood worse than that 1974 tonight ,with Brisbane to follow tomorrow and Thursday.  I was only young when the 74 floods stuck Brisbane but I do remember the images on the TV and going down to Lake Kurwongbah to watch the torrent of water going over the spillway.  There has been so much rain (we had over 300mm just today) in already wet catchments that not even the Wivenhoe Dam will save Brisbane.

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