Friday, January 29, 2010

WOOHOO! new car soon!! and Week 4 atc

The following is the ATC for the week 4 of the ATCs4U weekly diary challenge. The theme was Australia Day. The background is a fourex can run through the cuttlebug, now Liz seems to think its hubby's can....well ahem....lets just say it could have been his. I had an Australia Day much as the card indicates mates, beers and BBQ. I hope everyone had a fantastic day. Some people dwell on the negatives of the date but I think we need a day to celebrate us, everyone, all Australians as a people and this fabulous country.

More good news - Jonkers Toyota rang and we will have a new ute sooner than expected. A previously ordered ute is no longer required so we will now have our Cruiser at least a month and a half earlier. Mark can now stop logging onto the Toyota site to track the production of his new car. Now we can definitely go camping at Easter, Hurrah - especially as it means I can send him back off to work - double Hurrah!

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scrapNshop/SkrapPrincess said...

Yeah for a new car! Hope you are well and work is treating you OK, have a great working week, cheers!