Saturday, September 29, 2012

Make the best of every day

I been feeling pretty flat lately and really haven't been up to crafting very much.  It has been a pretty joyless couple of months. My mum died back in July after suffering with pancreatic cancer for 6 months, she was only 63.  She came out of pallative care so she could spend the last week of her life at home.  I think this is the hardest thing you can do - to watch someone you love just fade away.  In additon a friend suffered a terrible stroke which has left her with some partial paralaysis, but she's happy to be alive. Also young girl that I worked with had a terrible accident which has left her with severe burns. It will be a long road to recovery for her. There has also been a change in government here and there has been a lot of retrenchments from the state public service (in which I work), many people I know no longer have a job.  It has been depressing times.

You never know what the next day will hold - enjoy today - hug your family and friends, tell them they are loved, cuddle your pet, indulge in your hobby or passion and be thankful.

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