Friday, April 8, 2011

More Monthly Calendars

It might be a new year with a new job but some things don’t change – still neglecting my blog. Not a lot to blog about – go to work, come home, and go to work for 5 days then housework on the weekends.
I have had one nephews wedding last month. Had to buy a frock – YUCK!! I’m not a frock kind of girl and nor do I like clothes shopping. Another nephew has his wedding on the Easter weekend. Easter!!! There goes my camping trip.

I have got in a little bit of creation. I have been keeping up with the monthly art calendar challenge. Here are my February and March Calendars.  February's challenge was love and romance - so I've used a lot of pink and bling.  March was gree, so I've not only used the colour, but been "green" by recycling old magazine for the the date squares and other embellishments. 

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