Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello 2009

Well this New Year was quieter than many others. We had a few over of food an drinks. This year is the warmest New Year that I can remember since we've been here - around 8 years. We were a few down at our New Years party - my poor DS with a broken foot that wouldn't mend and BIL and SIL whos very elderly doggie had his last night on earth. Fingers crossed this year is much kinder to many of my family and friends who did it tough last year.

Anyway on a much happier not DH got the tractor he has been wanted for a long time and as soon as he had a spare weekend he turned our old ride-on mower into an electric garden cart - why you might - well because he could.

Hugs to anyone who bothers to read this blog and I hope 2009 works out fab for you.

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