Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Slacker!!

OMG it is nearly Christmas and how long has it been since I updated this blog. Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad Blogger!! I haven't been doing much but working since coming back from holidays. Nothing interesting has happened to me - except that some blinking Truck ran into my poor old car. But its all fixed and no one was hurt so no big deal.

On the craft side I have really been into ATCs of late so I thought I'd post some of those that I have done.

PS promise I sort out more trip photos and complete my rundown - might have time to breath over christmas.

My Very first ATCs

These are my Heritage and Blue

My asian and red ATC set (Thanks for the pics Marnie)

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Elizabeth said...

You have been slack :) Nice to see what you've been up to.. Mind you I think I own one of all your cards :)